’s new I’ve Got Friends collection will make you want to take road trip with your besties always knows exactly how to get our hearts going. Their latest fall collection is a whole other level of fan-freaking-tastic. Because not only is this offering of vintage-inspired tees and punchy feminine accessories absolutely adorable (not to mention Instagram-perfect), but they’re *literally* made for that road trip you’ve been dreaming of with your besties.

Never ones to underwhelm, may have one-upped themselves with this funky-fresh I’ve Got Friends collection, which is up for grabs on their site. Comprised of nostalgia-happy graphic T-shirts, bold jewelry, travel swag, and a pretty embroidered bomber jacket designed by Georgia Perry, these threads and accessories embody all the essence of the fun and free-spirited girl.

Among all the other items we’re most *definitely* splurging on, this pink weekend getaway bag is at the top of our lists. The “Available for Weekends” tagline also comes in a luggage tag, passport holder, and toiletry bag versions — score!


Oh, and have we mentioned that this fall collection has the perfect coordinating besties outfits? Because it totally does.


The mustard yellow road trip T-shirt, below, features an extra-personalized touch from founder Jen Gotch. As in, all the cities and towns listed on it are actual stops on a road trip she frequently stakes with her own besties.

Inspiration for your next road trip, perhaps?


We’re swooning over that embroidered jacket.


The seasonal collection even comes with its own song, also titled “I’ve got friends.” Written and performed by Eric Straube & Chris Qualls, certain lyrics from the original track appear on one cool gray T-shirt.    


Ummm, can we book a road trip with our besties already?


Available online now, these threads and accessories are the perfect way to usher in the season and, you know, maybe get inspired to take a little trip of your own. With all these cool travel-inspired outfits at your fingertips, what excuse do you have not to go?

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