The Balm Cosmetics is launching a foundation that reminds us of an old Disney show starring Shia LaBeouf

It’s not often that a makeup product makes us reminisce about the formative years of Shia Labeouf’s acting career, so when they do, we feel a wave of confusion and gratitude. A new foundation from The Balm Cosmetics has sent us down an emotional rabbit hole of early 2000s Disney channel shows, and we’re not mad at all.

The up-and-coming foundation line from The Balm Cosmetics will feature eight different shades of whipped foundation to baby your skin, which sounds good to us. However, because the line itself is named Even Steven (because it will make your skin even and ideal), we can’t stop reminiscing on the shenanigans of baby Shia Labeouf aka Louis Stevens.

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The Even Steven whipped foundation line will be launching in June!

You can soon reflect on Shia Labeouf’s career trajectory every time you apply foundation, assuming you weren’t doing this already.

The whipped foundation will cost $22 a piece and has a natural matte finish for all day wear.

We can only hope and assume this product has the odd charm and staying power of Shia himself.

We’ll be keeping our eyes open for updates on the specific launch date, and swatches of the lineup.

We are almost as excited about the name as the foundation itself.

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We have a feeling if Louis knew there’d be a foundation line named after him, he’d be full of joy.

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