Here’s what a group of dancers did when their flight was canceled

‘Tis the season for airport delays, you guys. Holiday travel can get a little crazy, as evidenced by movies like Home AlonePlanes, Trains & Automobiles and you know, a million others. But what are you going to do, right? No one loves getting stranded at a strange airport (or even a familiar one, for that matter), but getting stressed out over it doesn’t help. Sometimes you just kind of have to go with the flow. Which is exactly what the State Street Ballet company did earlier this month when it got hit with a five-hour flight delay at the Denver Airport.

The Santa Barbara-based dancers were on tour with their seasonal production of the Nutcracker when they found themselves with a chunk of unexpected downtime at Denver International. Instead of bemoaning their travel woes, they put on an impromptu ballet performance. There’s no stage in an airport obvs, so they used the next best thing: the airport’s moving walkway. And it was gorgeous, you guys. It kind of makes us wish we’d been stuck at the airport that day, too.

Check out State Street Ballet in the video below. This is going with the flow at its balletic best.

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[Image and video via YouTube.]

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