This ballet/hip-hop fusion dance is blowing our minds today

When you think of people dancing ballet, you often think of pointed shoes, delicate movement and classical music. The art form originated in the 15th century and has changed too much over the years. While a lot of patrons are faithful fans and will pay big bucks each season to catch a glimpse of a performance, there are still lots of people who aren’t exactly connoisseurs.

But that all might just change with the introduction of hiplete — a ballet/hip-hop fusion dance blowing up minds all over the internet.

By borrowing elements from both dance styles, this mashup is generating a lot of new interest in the dance form from a lot of people who had been previously unaware. The dances are pretty amazing to watch. Not only are the dancers flowing to the more modern soundtrack, they are also doing complex movements while standing en-pointe in traditional ballet style.

It’s seriously impressive to watch considering just standing on your toes is hard on its own. Add in a bunch of incredibly difficult hip hop moves and you’ve definitely got our attention.

It’s athletic, beautiful, and downright hypnotic.

Most importantly, this movement is bringing diversity to ballet — something the art form has struggled with publicly. The number of African-American ballerinas is extremely low. But hopefully hiplet will open the doors for a more diverse field of dancers to partake in ballet on a national stage.