Ballet dancers are mad at this Kendall Jenner photoshoot, but they have a point

Ballet Twitter is all aflutter at Kendall Jenner’s Vogue España photoshoot. Listen, we think Kendall Jenner is lovely, and we love ballet, and ballet-inspired style. But, if we’re gonna prance around in full-on ballerina garb, we’d at least better be trying to do ballet. So, we see their point.

We wouldn’t go so far as to say the shoot is disrespectful or offensive, but we would say it comes across as silly and beyond amateur, which Kendall would probably have liked to avoid.

Since the “point” of the video seems to be Kendall talking about who she is as a person, why not show her doing something representative of her life? Like, backstage at a fashion show? Or, like she says in the video, “I love walking around, being able to be free. I want to continue doing what I’m doing, be around my friends and live a good life.”


The ballet backdrop is more than a little incongruous. Why the need to have her play imaginary dress up and pretend like she’s just chilling in between dance practice? And asking her to play on the ballet barre, oh dear. She clearly has no idea how a dancer even holds themselves, let alone what to do at a bar. false false

To Vogue’s credit, they’ve got a pretty good track record of working with real dancers, they’ve featured Misty Copeland, and Teen Vogue devoted an entire video series to dancers at Miami City Ballet School.

But, this was a miss. We still love ya, Kendall, and we’re definitely still big fans of Vogue, but let’s hope that when they choose to show a grueling, demanding art form, they do it justice next time.

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