This bakery makes the kind of adorable macarons we dream about

Baking takes patience, attention to detail, basic mathematical skills, some scientific experience — the list goes on. We’re always amazed by people who bake amazing and delicious treats. Especially people who make gorgeous macarons.

Our die-hard dessert-loving hearts couldn’t help but go a-flutter when we first found this amazing Instagram account showcasing some of the cutest macarons we’ve ever laid eyes on. Honey & Butter is the bakery of husband-and-wife duo Pawel and Leanne Pietrasinski.

In an article for the Los Angeles Times, Leanne shared that she never thought the business would take off the way it did.

"I'm able to express myself through baking. I do what I love, and it's really nice to have other people love what I do."

We’re so glad that the couple decided to follow their macaron dreams.

The bakery even shared a quick tutorial on how to make their super popular cat macarons. It’s not for the beginner macaron-maker but if you’ve tried your hand at macarons before, it’s a great guide on how to take them to another (read: cuter) level.

We love just staring at these adorable creations, but if you want to actually taste them, you can stop by the Costa Mesa location. Their website suggests visiting the bakery around 12 p.m. to snag a character macaron. They’ll also be at Dessert Goals, an upcoming all-dessert festival in L.A.

We’re not surprised that people are clamoring for these — who could resist these adorable creations?!

Excuse us while we keep scrolling through their gorgeous Instagram and double-tapping every photo.