This is what happens when you bake your iPad into a cookie (and drop it off a building)

There are tons of cool iPad cases out there, but we bet you’ve never seen one made of actual cookie—until now.

Brandon Baldwin of YouTube channel GizmoSlip is known for doing really, really weird things with electronics, but this video kinda knocks it out of the strangeness stadium: Brandon wraps an iPad Air in cookie dough, bakes it at 350 degrees and then drops it 100 feet. How do people even come up with this stuff?

It’s “all about combining the edibility of something with the protective nature of technology,” Brandon jokes about his cookie case. We have to admit, it does look delicious.

Spoiler alert: After it was taken out of the oven, the iPad miraculously still worked—Brandon was able to turn it on using the home button and swipe back and forth on the touch screen. That’s pretty incredible, given that a foreboding black splotch was growing on the screen while it was baking. Somehow, the iPad didn’t go into overheat mode. Huh. Apple might want to look into that.

Unsurprisingly, the iPad did not survive the 100-foot drop onto concrete, despite the protective padding of fully baked chocolate chip cookie. Honestly, if we had an edible iPad case, we’d be more concerned about the case making it through snack time, rather than experimenting with a 100-foot free fall, but to each his own!

Watch Brandon’s experiment in the YouTube video below: