We got a look inside the BAFTA Tea Party, and the food may be even more beautiful than all the stars

It’s awards season, and one of the highlights is always the fancy-schmancy BAFTA Tea Party. Stars gather together at Hollywood’s uber-fancy Four Seasons hotel to mingle, sip tea, and as it turns out, eat the most amazing little desserts and treats we’ve ever seen.

On Saturday, Hollywood’s elite descended upon Los Angeles for the annual BAFTA Tea Party and it was quite the bash. While everyone else might be fangirling out over all the celebrities in attendance, we can’t get over the food they were served.

In fact, there were so many tasty treats at the Four Season Hotel party that we couldn’t keep them to ourselves. Check out everything that your favorite stars got to enjoy over the weekend ahead of the Golden Globes below.

Warning, if you’re hungry this might make it worse!

For starters there were numerous lunch style items including empanadas. Just look at how toasty these Mexican food staples look.


Next up, the beautiful cocktail station. Yes that is rosemary in a drink, and no we don’t know why it’s there, but we want to drink it anyway.


The best part of the event however was all of the dessert options that were offered.

Take these chocolate tarts with raspberry garnish for example — they are bite-sized goodness we could devour in seconds.


Um, can we just take the whole plate of these lemon tarts? Please!


If chocolate is your vice, these bad boys are for you.

The chocolate eclairs look like they just came out of a perfect dollhouse tea party and we will take that entire tray, please.


Despite the fact that we’re in love with all the food at this year’s BAFTA Tea Party, there was some other eye candy at the bash we want to mention.

Celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Maisie Williams and Andrew Garfield were in attendance and hung out together. Could this high tea party be any cooler?


Oh wait, yes it could, because La La Land co-stars, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were also there to celebrate.

Can’t you just see Gosling saying, “Hey Girl, pass me those eclairs while I get you a  tea?”

Ah, what a dreamy thought.


Which delicious food option would you try first at this Hollywood bash? We’d go for the lemon squares. Or maybe the empanadas!