A love letter to badass women with platinum blonde hair

Last week, Jennifer Lawrence stepped out on the set of her new film Passengers with platinum blonde hair. It was that perfect icy shade, the OG platinum blonde: Stripped of any trace of orange, and with the silvery, violet undertones that make it perfect for dyeing over. (My hair dye senses are tingling just looking at it.)

Now, celebrities changing up their hair for films isn’t a new thing. Literally every actor worth their salt has undergone a major hair makeover with the assist of either an experienced styling/coloring team and/or a wig. But there’s something about the platinum blonde shade that’s enduring, a symbol unto itself. Perhaps it taps into the world’s unanimous obsession with blondes; perhaps it’s just because that light, almost-white shade is a blank slate for facial features and coloring. Whatever the case, we’ve been inspired to take a look at the many badass, beautiful women who’ve rocked platinum blonde hair. Behold, some of our platinum blonde babe faves:

Look, she literally fronted a band called Blondie. Harry’s signature ghostly blonde, which matched the faux-fragile steel of her voice, inspired a generation of rock fans to get bleached.

Her closer-to-God hair is far from the only thing country queen Parton is known for, but dang, that is some bountiful, beautiful hair.

Blige’s cropped, platinum blonde looks are as reliably flattering as her music is reliably “sing along to this and you’ll feel like you’re transforming into a superheroine.”

Park, a Korean-American model, isn’t quite a household name for people outside of the fashion world, but as an official face for L’Oréal Paris, she and her brilliant mane bring diversity to the beauty table.

The riot grrrl pioneer is still kicking it with Kathleen Hanna and co., bringing effortless bass grooves together with her chic, but no less punk, ‘do.

Queen Bey generally favors blonde hair, but while her looks have largely stayed in the dirty blonde/brunette-streaked blonde range, we miss the time she went all the way platinum for her 4 album cycle.

The film’s topsy-turvy visual aesthetic was anchored by both Arquette’s brilliant smile and her perpetually tousled bob. (Also, that outfit is PERFECT.)

Monroe’s influence on pop culture beauty is truly unmatched, and at least part of that has to do with her much-coveted (or shall one say “preferred“) blonde locks.

The reclusive songstress’s platinum blonde bob is so famously her that she literally uses it as an avatar for herself, in everything from album covers to music videos to public appearances.

The No Doubt singer’s been rocking platinum for decades now, and it’s as much a part of her identity as that perfected pop of red lipstick.

Like Beyoncé, Shakira’s blonde is usually a touch darker than platinum. We’re not sure what convinced her to go lighter, but it certainly ups her already considerable cool factor.

One of the original platinum blondes to rule pop culture, Harlow’s influence holds strong and continues to inspire starlets and regular folks alike to reach for the bleach.

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