This badass 9-year-old crime reporter just shut down her critics and landed a book deal

Most 9-year-olds are spending their summers at camps and pools, where the only thing on their mind is how to have the most fun possible (which, by the way, is a very worthy cause we whole-heartedly support).

But Hilde Lysiak is not a typical 9-year-old. She’s a fearless journalist who’s already making a name for herself in the crime-fighting world. ICYMI, she broke a major news story in her hometown earlier this year. After the story broke and Hilde’s journalism proved to be on par with her much-older peers, she faced some backlash and responded to it like a total champ.


And now, her ongoing hard-work has paid off even more because she’s just landed a book deal with Scholastic, one of the biggest book publishers in the country. And she won’t just be writing one book for them… she’s signed on for a four-book series. Because when Hilde does something, she goes all out.

The series will be titled Hilde Cracks the Case and, though it will be fictional, will likely be loosely based on Hilde’s own experience in her own big investigations. It will target six to eight-year-olds who she hopes will gain an appreciation for (and maybe even interest in) investigations. In a statement about the series, Hilde said, “I want kids who read these books to love reporting like I do.”

So basically it’s just like Nancy Drew only it’s written by and featuring someone half her age. And also it’s based on a real-life badass girl.

We don’t care if it’s meant for young kids, we’re totally feeling this series and are excited to see the both fictional and journalistic awesomeness Hilde will be bringing to for years to come.