Think your roommate is bad? These are seriously *way* worse

We all know the painful truth: You can have the best roommates in the world or you can have the worst roommates to ever live. At time, cringeworthy moments with your roomies can be funny, but there are certain faux pas that are absolutely inexcusable. You may think your roomie is annoying for always eating all of the Oreos or constantly borrowing your makeup without asking, but we promise you, all of that is nothing in comparison to what some seriously bad roommates are guilty of.

From spitting fingernail clippings all over the room to being so frustrated with your roomie that you’ll sleep anywhere but home, there is nothing as maddening as an intolerable roommate. Not to mention, knowing that some roommates are so awful they will abuse your pets? There are no words to describe that. (Except, perhaps, infuriating.)

Don’t believe us? Check out what some unfortunate humans on Whisper have to deal with in terms of inconsiderate living companions. By the time you’re done, you may be thanking your lucky stars that the worst thing you have to deal with are missing Oreos.

Hashtag Ew


Pillaging Prescriptions


What did I just step in?


There’s gross habits, and then there is this.

Perhaps it’s time to buy a dishwasher…


That feeling when your house is doubling as an illegal dispensary


Now that’s just sad.


Revenge is…sweet?


And then there’s this, which is basically unforgivable.


Every day can seem like a chore when your roommate is a total goober, but at least you can follow one person’s idea and crash at the library. Or if you can’t find your library card and are totally fed up, at least you can dip your roomie’s toothbrush in the toilet, right? Wrong. We recommend just counting down the days till your lease is up. But you know, you do you.