There’s a new Bad Lip Reading of the second presidential debate and it’s literally poetic, guys

There’s few things in this world that we love more than Bad Lip Readings. Watching a video of something super serious like a presidential debate that has been dubbed over by hilarious commentary brings us a remarkable amount of  joy. We haven’t stopped laughing from the Bad Lip Reading done of the Democratic National Convention, which was Hill(ary)arious.

Obviously when it comes to the current state of politics in the U.S., everyone could use a little joy and humor to lighten the mood.

Which is why the new Bad Lip Reading of the second presidential debate is our new favorite thing in all the land.


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are poets and they don’t even know it. The crew at Bad Lip Reading turned the super weird and uncomfortable second debate into a presidential poetry slam — and it’s brilliant.

Trump begins the slam with a poem called “Birds Eye.”

"There was always parts of birds in our ice cream/Such as a little bird’s eye/Vividly I ate a bird's eye/Stephanie was the birds eye," the poem began. “Wait, here’s a little wing, help me/It’s crunchy, why is that?/Don’t wanna touch it/Oh, look, a beak/Everything’s here.

Confusing? Yes. But it’s slightly more eloquent than his last poem, “Grab them by the pussy.”


Clinton being the fighter she is, fired back with a little number of her own that she titled, “Brown Bikini.”

"We lived out white lie in a cage that's now gone/Anger, rust and the summer ice I couldn't melt in a brown bikini."

It was also confusing, but poetic nonetheless.

Clinton was then asked a question from one of the members of the audience. But it was about poop (funny, we don’t remember her ever getting a question about poop), and Clinton “refused” to answer because, well, poop.

Check out the entire hilariously weird and perfect lip reading video:

Now we just need the Bad Lip Reading folks to Bad Lip Read everything forever, and life will just be good.