There’s a Bad Lip Reading of the Inauguration and we’re laughing through our tears

No joke: this election season has been full of strife. Many Americans are still very upset. So we’re always glad when others can find humor in the turmoil. This Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump’s Inauguration does just that.

Now, there are two types of bad lip readings: ones that add to the absurdity, and ones that reveal some sort of darker truth. We may not know fully what kind of president Donald Trump will turn out to be, but many have serious and frightening concerns. And this Bad Lip Reading hints at many of them.

See how long you can make it without laughing, though.

With over twenty million views, this video has clearly struck a nerve with people. While it may not reveal what was actually being said on Inauguration Day, it flawlessly captures what, for many, was the spirit of the event. That includes a confused-looking Trump looking straight into the camera and saying, “Help.”

We’re also super glad we finally found out what was in that Tiffany’s box.

President Trump isn’t the only one featured in the video. Melania Trump, Barack and Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Clarence Thomas, Mike Pence, and John Roberts all receive the bad lip-reading treatment.

Bad Lip Readings are always wonderfully whimsical, but there’s tension running all the way through this particular vid. It feels more real than any BLR offering before, and we love it. And as seriously as we’re taking the political situation in the US, it’s important to remember that a sense of humor is still key to staying sane.

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