This bad lip reading of the Democratic debate is America in a nutshell

The 2016 presidential election may still be a year away, but the race to the White House has already begun. No matter the causes you care about most, staying up-to-date with who’s running and what they stand for can occasionally feel a little overwhelming — but fear not, Gigglers: There’s fun to be had in the madness. While most of us are still processing Wednesday’s GOP debate, the folks over at Bad Lip Reading have decided to put their personal spin on the Democratic debate from a couple weeks back — and it’s all kinds of amazing.

In the video, BLR takes the highlights from the Democratic debate, and turns the whole thing on its head. Bernie Sanders’ beautiful outburst about Hillary Clinton’s emails becomes a discussion about the fact that she makes delicious pinto beans. Martin O’Malley hilariously tries to figure out where babies come from. Jim Webb waxes poetic about his love for a good piñata. Anderson Cooper gets sassy more than once (as per usual). They all debate the pros and cons of Cooper getting a scooter. (YouTube rather spookily served me an ad for scooters during this portion of the video, so basically, the future is now.) There’s even a drawing contest — and all of the candidates totally nailed it, if we do say so ourselves.

Is this video political? Not really, but it’s definitely politi-LOL. (I’m so sorry you had to read that.) Check it out for yourself below.

(Image via video.)

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