We just found out our bad hair days MAY be linked to our periods

Bad hair days are real and they can be vicious. They catch us off guard and they happen to all of us — even those of us who are really, really good at having perfect hair (def not me). One day we can be totally at peace with what our hair is doing, and the next it can completely change direction. Like, the complete opposite direction of where we want it to be. And no matter what we do to it, nothing helps.

But according to a new app, bad hair days may not come out of no where after all. Popular menstrual tracking app Clue has just added two new features that allow users to track their hair’s hormonal changes alongside their monthly cycle. Because apparently, our periods can not only dictate our abdominal pain level, our mood, our skin freakouts and how often we need to change our underwear (you know it’s true), they can even dictate what our hair looks like.

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