The Bad Habits We Just Can’t Seem To Break

We all have bad habits that we try our best to break, but no matter how many times we make a New Year’s resolution to stop, we can’t. Even perfectionists have bad habits. We’re all human. We know these habits are things we shouldn’t do, but for some reason we continue to do so. Below are some of the most common bad habits. What are yours?

Biting nails

Whether people are nervous, anxious or bored, it seems all too easy for them to begin biting their nails to get some relief. It’s not a habit to be proud of (as is with most bad habits), people try to quit all the time. There’s even a spicy nail polish you can use to remind yourself to stop biting your nails when you try. I don’t know how this bad habit originates, but once you start it seems you can’t stop.

Sleeping with makeup on

Your face wash is next to your sink, eye cream, makeup remover and cotton swabs – yet when it’s time to go to bed after spending the night binge watching Orange is the New Black, the last thing we want to do is wash our face. We go to sleep with our makeup on. We get mascara and bronzer on our pillows. Besides just the mess, it’s not good for our skin either. Sleeping in our makeup can cause our pores to be clogged. While giving our skin a good scrub is always best, try keeping disposable makeup wipes next to your bed to quickly take care of your skin in a pinch.

Sleeping in contacts 

Unless you have contacts that are meant to be slept in, snoozing in contacts is not the best idea. I’ll admit, I’ve done this more than a few times. It’s never a good feeling to wake up with your lenses sealed onto your eyeballs, but it happens. You’re up reading too late, maybe you just forgot after being out all night. Hopefully, when Google launches their contacts they will remind us to take them off. Until then, it’s important to remember to switch into glasses before bed as sleeping in lenses can cause infection.

Tech/internet obsession

You know that feeling where you’re just compelled to get on Instagram just to check if there are any new photos? You just looked a minute ago, so there probably won’t be any new posts, except for maybe another photo from your friend who is posting non-stop from their once in a lifetime Safari trip in South Africa, but you still have to glance quickly. You refresh, refresh again, you’re just staring at your phone. Then you remember you’re out to dinner with friends and you look up suddenly to make sure you haven’t been being rude and now all of them are on their phones too. It’s a problem and definitely a bad habit. Maybe there should be an app that gets mad at you for looking at Instagram too frequently and sets off a loud alarm every time you do so?

Forgetting to floss 

Tell me if you’ve ever had this conversation….

Dentist: Caitlin, have you been flossing?

Me: Well, yeah you know I definitely try. I know I should but sometimes it’s just hard because…

Dentist: So you’re not flossing?

Me: Don’t you forget too? Also, I have a built-in bottom retainer, how am I supposed to floss there? It’s impossible.

Dentist: So you don’t floss?

Me: No, but I’ll start.

And then you don’t. It already feels like an accomplishment to brush our teeth two or three times a day. Flossing just adds to our morning and bedtime routines. It is important though. I guess I’ll start soon at least so I can sing my own dental version of “Bossy” by Kelis…Flossy.

Pressing the snooze button

Cellphones are great for alarm clocks. You can set multiple wake up options to prevent you from oversleeping which seems foolproof, until you start snoozing the alarms. It seems like such a good idea in the moment, just 5 more minutes, just 15 more – pretty soon you go from waking up on time to overshooting it by 30 minutes. Why even set that early alarm if we just sleep through it everyday? I want an alarm clock that won’t even let me snooze. Like this app, WakeOrDonate, that charges you to snooze and donates the money to charity. At least it justifies oversleeping.

Saying “like”

You know when like you’re like talking, but like you don’t realize that you like keep saying like? It can be like super frustrating because your friends and like your coworkers always like, notice, and think it’s annoying but you like, don’t. You like don’t even say like THAT much. So like, what’s up with that? How do we like break this bad habit? It’s like, insane.

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