“Bad Blood” just won the first Grammy, Taylor and squad awesomely lose their minds

The first Grammy of the night just went to one of the most powerful forces in pop music, Taylor Swift (and her squad) for “Best Music Video” for the Swift’s operatic revenge fantasy “Bad Blood.” It’s a particularly sweet victory for Swift, because yes, she has a few Grammys on the mantle (like, seven) but this is Swift’s first win for music video. Congrats, queenie!

Okay, so we can’t say that WE’RE surprised, this video was so big it became Vevo’s most viewed video in 24 hours with 20.1 million views when it premiered at the Billboard Music Video Awards on May 17th, 2015. True, a few months later Adele broke that record in October with her “Hello” vid, but that doesn’t take away from the ginormous cultural moment that was the “Bad Blood” vid.

So WE’RE not surprised that “Bad Blood” dominated at the awards, but from the looks of things, Swift and Squad were gobsmacked by their victory. After the win was announced, Swift took to Twitter to post her/squad’s immediate reactions. “What just happened?! Oh my God! Oh my God!” the Empress Swift screams, while her co-queen Selena Gomez is seconds away from crying all her eye makeup off. The vid ends with a precious as heck hug between Swift and Gomez. It’s a beautiful thing to watch friends win together, way to slay ladies.

Check out the beauty and sweetness below:

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