Yes, there’s a bacon-themed dating app

I like my bacon cooked to the extreme—super crispy and practically burnt. I feel very strongly about this and although I loathe sending things back at restaurants, if the bacon is at all wobbly, I’ll apologetically ask for it to be thrown back in the fire. If you happen to be one of the (wrong) people who prefer it cooked differently, there’s a new app out there saying we might not be a romantic match.

Yes, someone made a bacon-themed dating app that pairs people based on how they like their bacon cooked. So, if you’re achin’ for some bacon and a partner, this might be your app.

The app is called Sizzl, and it’s described as “A real dating app for bacon lovers.”

Created by Oscar Meyer (of course), the free iPhone app goes through the standard rigamarole (connect with Facebook, set age and location, etc.) but then it asks you questions all about bacon, to determine who to match you with. When you match, you’ll see the message “You are bacon lovers.”

Another funny feature is the ‘Sizzl-meter,’ which allows you to indicate your level of interest by holding down the icon (the longer you hold, the higher your interest).

You can also report a match as spam if they indicate they don’t, in fact, love bacon (“Doesn’t love bacon” is a pre-written option).

Oscar Meyer is insisting that the app is real and functional, but will any true love come from it? That’s yet to be (tasted and) seen.

(Image via Sizzl/Oscar Meyer)


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