A visual tour of the most important Backstreet Boys outfits

Backstreets back, ALRIGHT? Okay, maybe not in that way — the boys are not touring again, sadly — but they will be coming to us in book form. It was just announced that a Backstreet Boys documentary is on the way, and that’s some of the best news we’re going to hear all day.

The documentary will be called Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of,  and will obviously feature all of our ’90s boys — Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean and Kevin Richardson. It’s set to hit theaters and VOD on January 30th, which also happens to be Superbowl Weekend. So, if you’re someone who can miss that big game, and longs for a return of the late ’90s, this is just the movie to see.

This documentary sounds like the best stroll down memory lane, and we’ll be able to relieve not only their of their music, but their superb fashion choices, too. Hey, remember all those times one of the Backstreet Boys was wearing overalls? If you don’t, here’s a quick little reminder of just some of their best fashion choices. This documentary can’t come soon enough.


Really, the Boys were big into overalls. Not just one of them, but most of them. Overalls were a big thing in the ’90s, and while it might be a fashion trend we have since dismissed, may they never be forgotten, especially when being worn by one of the teen heartthrobs of yesteryear.

Oversized Coats

It might have been cold at their shooting location? Maybe? Whatever the case is, they certainly do look cozy and cuddly wearing giant puffy coats for no apparent reason, other than for the sake of fashion.

Christmas Attire

Clearly getting into the holiday spirit, the Boys suited up in Santa suits to spread a little holiday cheer, and in ’97 it probably melted our hearts. In case you’ve forgotten they have a Christmas song as it is — “It’s Christmas Time Again.”


Also used here, sideways hats! Who would have thought?

Sports Jerseys

I personally think the Mighty Ducks jersey is the best choice for a jersey, if you ask me.

Everyone wearing tank tops EXCEPT for Kevin

Who doesn’t like dressing alike? The Backstreet Boys were all for it, or at least variations of the same thing, except for Kevin. Who insisted on doing his own thing — which is perfectly fine. You continue to do you, Kevin (including wearing a kilt). Never change.

This. Everything about this very ’90s photo shoot. Everything.

Very serious question, though. Would we honestly mind if Backstreet Boys brought this back? Is that ALRIGHT? Hey, it’s fine by me.

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