The Backstreet Boys made our dreams come true at the Miss USA pageant

As if the Miss USA pageants wasn’t fascinating enough on its own, we’re ultra jealous that we couldn’t be there last night for an important dose of ’90s nostalgia. That’s right: The Backstreet Boys performed our fave songs of our youth and ’90s girls around the country squealed with delight.


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During the pageant on Sunday, BSB sang some of their most beloved hits, such as “I Want It That Way” and “As Long As You Love Me.”


But although they had fun with the girls on stage, it looks like the *real* party was off-stage, where they sang along with the pageant contestants to Backstreet Boys melodies. Again, could we *be* more jealous? false

Just goes to show that the Backstreet Boys are absolutely 100% timeless. Recently, the boy band has been making a comeback; back in April, they announced they would be going on a world tour, including nine dates in Las Vegas. And we are *not* complaining, because more Backstreet Boys in our lives is a blessed thing indeed.

Check out the full clip below and be prepared to have ’90s hits stuck in your head all day/week/month/year.

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