This elastic back brace fixed my constant upper back pain almost immediately

Like many others, I’ve been working from home since March due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. While I’ve grown accustomed to work-from-home life, I still really miss some aspects of going into the office—such as my office chair. My chair at home isn’t designed to be sat in for hours on end, so sometimes I’ll work from the couch or my bed instead, which has wreaked havoc on my posture. My back has been killing me these last few months, and even though I consider myself to have pretty good posture normally, working from home this way has definitely taken a toll on my body. To try to relieve my back pain, I’ve done yoga, massages, Tiger Balm—you name it. I even considered buying an office chair, but TBH they can be pretty pricey. So I was elated when I heard about the BackEmbrace.

The BackEmbrace is an elastic posture corrector that gently pulls back your shoulders into proper alignment. It has an adjustable, split-strap system that you put on the same you would a backpack, and the straps adhere at the center of your chest right below the breasts. Unlike other back braces out there, this one is made of elastic and is therefore very flexible and much easier to wear. Also, its straps are pretty smooth, so unless you’re wearing a skin-tight top, nobody else would know you’re wearing the BackEmbrace if you decide to use it under your clothes.


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When I received the brace, my upper back pain had started to become unbearable. The moment I put on the BackEmbrace, I immediately felt the shift in my body from pain to soreness—a very welcome feeling. I kept it on all day, and I can honestly say that by the second hour of wearing it, my upper back pain had entirely gone away. Sure, it could have been the stars aligning in a way to favor my back or maybe my ex stopped doing voodoo on me, but I’m pretty positive it was the BackEmbrace that relieved my pain.

Now I wear the brace whenever I start to feel a little bit of tension in my shoulders or upper back, and it fixes the pain immediately after I strap it on. I 1000% recommend this product to anyone who has any pain—it’s well worth your money.

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