Just a few thoughts we’re all having on the first day back from break

It’s the first day after break, and we’re all feeling mixed emotions. Like, break was so wonderful and it’s so hard to get back going, but that New Year’s inspiration is also still going strong. Here are just a few thoughts we’re having today on the most bittersweet Monday of all Mondays.

“This is gonna be MY YEAR.”

The whole “new slate” thing has us thinking about every awesome thing we’re gonna accomplish this year, and we’re like:


But then when we had to get out of bed, it felt more like, “Wait, do I have to be a regular person?”

Beds are so cozy and sleeping in is so wonderful and why can’t we just have winter break all year long?


“Wow, I really didn’t get anything done during break. Like, at all.”

We had been planning on doing *so much* this break — cleaning, organizing, reading all the books, catching up on work, hanging out with all our friends — but it was just spent like this:


“But it’s OK! It’s a new year and I’m gonna be more productive than ever.”

Because that whole break was actually just much-needed relaxation and now we’re rejuvenated enough to get SO MUCH WORK DONE TODAY IT WILL BE CRAZY. This is what we’ll look like:


“Except. . . have I always needed this much caffeine to function?”

It’s been a long break of doing nothing and we’re having a hard time remembering how to do this whole “work” thing. Maybe just one more cup of coffee first. Or two. Or 18.


“So pumped to be wearing my new *insert Christmas present here* though.”

After all, this is the time to be flaunting that new sweater / dress / eyeshadow that we got for Christmas. (Or that we got for ourselves during post-Christmas sales. Merry Christmas to us!)


“It’s *way* more fun to think about being productive than to actually be productive.”

In our minds, it’s a success montage, like straight out of the movies, and then we sit down to do it, and it’s just not as fast-paced / efficient / motivational as the montage version.


“OK, I know I said it’s gonna be my year, but can I go to bed now?”

Because that IV of coffee doesn’t seem to be working its magic, TBH.


“Seriously, though, I could probably sleep underneath this desk for 15 minutes or so and no one would even notice.”

Because EVERYWHERE is looking comfy right now. Oh, break, please come back!


“OK. I accept my fate.”

Break is over. It’s not gonna come back til next year. And that’s cool, because we’re gonna CONQUER this year.


After we get just one more nap, that is.

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