Here’s the ‘Back to the Future’-themed wedding we wish we were invited to

Remember way back to last week when we all celebrated Back to the Future Day with Doc, Marty and a bunch of corporate gimmicks? Yes, October 21, 2015 was a rad day to be alive no matter how you arrived at that date. (DeLorian, perhaps?) But it was even radder for one couple who decided to celebrate the movie AND their love with a big old Back to the Future-themed wedding.

Stephenie and Jeff Lodermeier were married on Oct. 21, 2015 at Universal Studios Florida, formerly home to the Back to the Future ride (RIP!) and still home to one of the trains AND a DeLorean used in BTTF Part III.

“We’ve both always been huge fans of the movies; they’re in our individual top tens. I said we should plan something for October 21, 2015,” Stephenie, who was born in 1985 – the year the first BTTF film came out – and is actually a photographer herself, told the Orlando Informer. “And Jeff said, ‘We should get married on that day!’ And I was like, ‘OMFG – that’s the best idea ever!’”

And not only did Jeff and Stephenie commit to the perfect location and date. Oh, no. They went all out, pulling in details from the films to complete their wedding-day looks. Gorgeous bride Stephenie went with a glam ensemble inspired by BTTF, wearing a champagne dress with lace trim and a badass BTTF belt. And held a Sports Almanac instead of a bouquet, because obviously. A girl’s gotta be prepared to protect morality and George McFly’s life in case Biff show up trying to make illegal bets.

Groom Jeff opted for a full-on BTTF Part II Marty look, complete with a hoverboard and even replica Nikes from the movie (and yes, they totally light up!).

The officiant also wore two ties, just like in the movie’s 2015 alternate reality. IT’S ALMOST TOO GOOD.

Twenty of the couple’s loved ones attended the event, which was held right inside the Universal Studios park, next to the DeLorean. Afterward, they opted for a simple dinner instead of a big party.

“We’re very non-traditional,” Stephenie added. “I’m a wedding photographer for a living, so I’m at weddings every weekend. I love my job. It gives me the chance to live out every dream wedding I could imagine. But it’s made the ‘traditions’ of weddings very commonplace to me.”

Oh, and maybe the best part? These are the contents of the favor bags they handed out to their guests: A bottle of Pepsi Perfect; a Pizza Hut “pizza” for their hydrator (in reality, a cookie made by Any Occasions Cakes and Pastries by Ashlee); a “Hill Valley, Calif.” framed postcard; and a “plutonium” box containing a thumb drive with all three BTTF films on it. Each bag said “be careful in the future,” which is a quote from BTTF Part II – it’s what the police say to Jennifer after dropping her at “home” in 2015.

God, that’s heavy. Excuse us while we sob over not receiving an invitation to this epic event we totally would’ve skipped – nay, RAN out of – work for. Congrats, Jeff and Stephenie!

(Photos courtesy of Stephenie Lodermeier)