This genius Kickstarter is making ‘Back to the Future’ self-drying jackets

The Internet collectively lost its mind back in October when real life caught up to the future from Back to the Future II. And even though it’s fun to compare how different our present looks from the fictional future of Doc and Marty, we’re still a long way away from a lot of the cool gadgets featured in the movies (still waiting for my flying car!).

But now we’re one step closer. Remember that jacket that Marty wore? The red and gray (rather ’80s-style) coat had a button that automatically and instantly dried the fabric if it got soaked. Well, now it’s not just a movie fantasy anymore.

That’s right. Falyon Wearable Tech has launched a Kickstarter to create the jacket of the “future.” They’re really truly making Marty’s self-drying jacket from Back to the Future II. Check out the video here:

Equipped with exhaust cooling vents and high pressure air amplifiers (not to mention interior smartphone and tablet pockets), wearers can actually press a button and in seconds the jacket has dried itself.

According to their Kickstarter, the gear is truly bona fide: “No desk fans, no off-camera blowers, just pure wearable tech.”  The jacket comes in

Bear in mind that those who pledge to the Kickstarter get cool stuff like:

  • a motorcycle/car adapter
  • early jacket reservations
  • sweet discounts on jackets
  • options for special editions of jackets (in a variety of new colors)
  • or even a 3-pack of jackets to share with friends

It looks like the jackets will be available in black, white, silver, blue, and of course Marty McFly’s iconic red-and-charcoal. Falyon needs $12,000 by December 28th at 10pm if they’re going to make this dream a reality. So far they’ve racked up about $8,000 from 44 backers.

So what do you think? Are you ready to say, “Drying mode on!” and astound all your fellow nerds? If you’re dying to get in on the action, visit the Kickstarter page and pledge. Then order up Nike’s forthcoming self-tying sneakers, modeled for us by none other than Michael J. Fox himself, and you’ve got the ultimate Marty McFly costume for next Halloween, or any given day. It is 2015, after all.

(Image via Universal Pictures)

Debbie Holloway
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