Get your ‘Back to the Future’ VHS ready, Doc and Marty land in 2015 tomorrow

Tomorrow marks an event 26 years in the making, and that doesn’t happen every single day. On October 21, 2015, Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel back to the future, and end up in the year 2015. October 21st 2015, to be specific. As in TOMORROW, a day that was picked almost three decades ago when Back to the Future Part II came out in 1989. Whoa. This is heavy.

Still waiting on my pink hoverboard, guys.

In the movie — if you need a Back to the Future refresher — Marty first travels back in time to 1955. Then he comes back to present day, but that trip is short lived. Doc quickly whisks Marty away to the future, where he’s once again got to set things right for his family and stop Biff from being a total jerk (and Marty still has no chill when he’s called “chicken”). Back in 1989, this future 2015 looked absolutely awesome with holograms and video conferencing.

Those things actually do exist now, and are becoming more and more commonplace every day. But then take a second to totally LOL at the fact that Marty receives his YOU’RE FIRED notice via a dot matrix fax machine. This is a message we’d Snapchat now. And I guess in the future no one predicted we’d use filters on everything.

The screenwriter behind Back to the Future, Bob Gale isn’t upset about the fact that they got a few things wrong about the future. “We were just trying to have fun with the future,” Gale told Vanity Fair. “We want to present a future that’s optimistic and a future that’s fun and funny. It is a comedy, after all.”

Gale also notes that our current future “doesn’t seem to be quite as colorful and as much fun as we imagined it.” But who can really predict the future, anyway? Besides, we’re slowly getting hoverboards. And let’s not forget that the Cubs could actually win the World Series this year. Back to the Future Part II really isn’t that far off, except that wherever we’re going we still need roads. And also that hoverboard thing. How many Kickstarters do we need to really get that going??

So with tomorrow being the big day, go full on McFly. Wear a big red puffy vest and pull your pants pockets inside out (because according to Doc, “all kids in the future wear their pants inside-out”). Listen to a lot of Huey Lewis and The News! And remember, don’t disrupt the time continuum.

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