‘Back to the Future’ is coming back to theaters! Great Scott!

Time to warm up the old DeLorean once again, folks! The 30th anniversary of Back to the Future‘s release is right around the corner, and to celebrate Universal is doing a bit of time travel themselves. The original film will once again be in theaters.

We don’t know too much about the in-theater release yet, only to “check our local listings” as Universal encourages us. Does that mean Back to the Future is getting a wide release? Maybe! All we know is that if it does come to a theater near you, it will be so much fun seeing it on the big screen. And to hold you over, Universal has released this awesome new trailer.

But just in case it doesn’t make it to your local theater, fear not! You can still mark the occasion with the incredible box set they are releasing on October 21st. Of course, October 21st, 2015, is the day Marty McFly travels to Back to the Future II. Talk about perfect timing!

The box set will include all the films, as well as the entire animated series. There are also a few original goodies, including a short called Doc Brown Saves the World! starring Christopher Lloyd himself, a documentary about restoring the DeLorean, a six-part “Tales from the Future” documentary, and a nine-part documentary about the films’ legacy. Plus a book about the films and packaging that includes a flux capacitor. Phew, that’s one hell of a box set, people.

We are so ready to head back to the future.

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