This “Bachelorette” winner’s ex called him out on Instagram in the most epic, “Bachelor”-worthy way

While fans of The Bachelor like to joke about how every rose ceremony is, “the most dramatic rose ceremony,” we may have actually seen the most dramatic actions by a contestant’s ex.

Jojo Fletcher, the most recent Bachelorette, picked Jordan Rodgers on the season finale, and the two became engaged after Jordan’s romantic beach proposal. However, the couple’s journey on the show was a rocky one: Jojo got wind of rumors that Jordan had been unfaithful to an ex and it was the topic of more than one conversation between the pair. Jordan denied the rumors, and managed to allay Jojo’s fears so well that she ended up choosing him over all the other contestants.

Now, it seems, Jordan’s ex has come forward and called him out in — dare we say it — the most dramatic way, ever. SO. MUCH. DRAMA.

Brittany Farrar, a Nashville-based trainer whose Instagram is mostly filled with enviable shots of attractive people working out and picturesque, healthy food, changed up her feed to call out Rodgers.

Rickey shares the details: Apparently, the takedown began with a picture of flowers that Farrar claims Rodgers bought in June of 2014 for the woman with whom he cheated.


The card that came with the flowers reads,

“Happy Birthday To My Favorite Bella. Miss You Can’t Wait To See That Beautiful Smile Again. From, Your Favorite Football Player Wanna-Be Actor.”

For context, Jordan was an extra on the set of Pitch Perfect 2; whether or not the other actor with whom he had the affair was one of the Bardon Bellas or not is unclear. It’s also not totally transparent as to how Farrar got photos of the receipt with the message, as it was presumably in Rodgers’ possession.

In the caption accompanying the photo, Farrar calls Rodgers’ fellow actor “the first of many,” women with whom he cheated.

Farrar also posted screenshots of texts allegedly exchanged between herself and Rodgers. The first two are from a conversation in which Rodgers seems flippant about not texting Farrar while filming in June of 2014. The third is from a month later, when Rodgers appears contrite and upset.


The messages have been deleted on Instagram; Farrar claims censorship but it’s unclear as to whether ABC is involved (which would be super sketchy) or whether the images violate the site’s terms and were taken down internally.

Whether or not Jordan actually cheated, we hope for Jojo’s sake that Jordan has been honest and forthright with her, and that he’s committed to being faithful to her — it’s the least she deserves.