After-after the final rose: ‘The Bachelorette’ couple bet Jimmy Kimmel $1,000 they’d beat the odds

Raise your hand if you’ve been watching The Bachelorette this season. You don’t have to be completely un-conflicted feelings about watching, you just have to have been, you know, watching.

For those of us who tuned in over the past several weeks to watch Kaitlyn Bristowe do the thing (we’re not un-conflicted, but we did it) some of us were a little surprised to see Bristowe pick Shawn Booth (known on the show as Shawn B., because there was another Shawn for a hot minute). Kaitlyn and Shawn B. have had nothing if not a fraught relationship this season. There have been secrets kept, trust broken, tears shed, lots of grueling relationship conversations, seriously, I’m thinking back and having trouble remember if the two have ever even smiled in each other’s presence. But alas, love works in mysterious ways. And reality TV love, is well, even more mysterious.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise doesn’t exactly have a history of making matches that last. Out of the 30 seasons thus far, you can count on one hand the couples who have gone the distance- Sean and Catherine, Trista and Ryan, Ashley and J.P., Des and Chris. The last match made (Farmer Chris and Whitney) didn’t even last ’til Kaitlyn and Shawn B.’s season. So it’s understandable that one Jimmy Kimmel would be skeptical. That’s why he asked Kaitlyn and Shawn to put money on their relationship.

Last night, after-after the final rose, they bet Jimmy Kimmel $1,000 that they’ll be together a year from now.

“Twice a year for like 13 years now, we’ve seen people get together. They come on the show and they seem to be very much in love … And then the next thing we know, we see them on the cover of a magazine with a tear down the center…quite frankly, my heart can’t take it anymore,” said Kimmel, before making them pledge their bet on a stack of tabloid mags. Here’s hoping Kimmel doesn’t earn a dime (even though we love him.)

While we are a little more skeptical than Kimmel (who also may be joking here, in which case we’re EXACTLY as skeptical as Kimmel), and we do believe that the Bachelor franchise tends to be much more about grand gestures and overall spectacle than the mundanities of having a relationship when the camera isn’t rolling, of course we still hope that it works out for Kaitlyn and Shawn B, and that they can figure out a way to have a happy, healthy, functional relationship IRL. If they can’t, Kimmel will be collecting. But, of course, it’s not about the money, reality stars do pretty darn okay in that department and a grand isn’t a big deal to their bank accounts, it’s about Kaitlyn and Shawn B. believing they can make a real go of this. We’re glad the two are so sure about their relationship, and we, of course, wish them the very best.


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