This former “Bachelor” star just got married and his wedding photos are so beautiful

Though the whole point of ABC’s The Bachelor is for the bachelor-in-question to find his true love, get married, and live happily ever after with a bachelorette from the show, it doesn’t always end up that way. But that doesn’t mean the bachelors from the show won’t find love again. For instance, this former Bachelor star, Bob Guiney, just got married, reported People, and his wedding photos are so beautiful. They’ll give you #weddinggoals for sure.

Yes, we’re talking about Bob Guiney from Season 4 (!), which was sooooo long ago in the Bachelor enterprise, since Season 21 (!) will premiere in January. And, ICYMI, Nick Viall will be the lucky guy!

But back to Guiney. We are so happy for him.

This past weekend, Guiney married Jessica Canyon at Casa Entre Rocas in Punta Mita, Mexico.

Guiney’s been married twice before. “Third time’s the charm! he told People in July.

And judging by the Insta posts, both leading up to the wedding and the day of, Guiney and Canyon look ~very~ happy.

And now for the photos!

Guiney seemed excited for The Big Day and was counting down the days till he could marry his bride!

And last week, he posted this. Awww.

Meanwhile, Canyon also seemed to be in the getting-married spirit.

And check out these stunning bouquets!

And it looked like the bridesmaids not only had matching dresses, but also matching getting-ready robes. Yes, please! Best. Idea. Everrrrr!

And let’s look at the wedding location. Beaaaautifuuul.

And the guests were obvs having fun.

Finally, no occasion lately would be complete without the Mannequin Challenge. These wedding guests seem to like it as much as Hillary Clinton does!

Okay, so now not only do we have #relationshipgoals, but we also have #destinationweddinggoals and #mannequinchallengegoals. Brb — we’ve got to go work on them!

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