“The Bachelor” exec keeps dropping hints about who the new star is and we can’t take the suspense!

No wonder The Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss is successful: He’s excellent at keeping up suspense!

Though Fleiss previously promised to announce the next Bachelor on his Twitter account Thursday, he instead took to Twitter on Friday to torture us some more about the big reveal:

He then went on to taunt us:

Followed by a few veiled hints:

We like sunrises too! This sounds promising.

Well, there’s nothing like a tuna casserole to give you bad kissing breath… but we’ll ignore that fact if the new Bachelor is as good as he sounds.

A lot of us Bachelorette fans suspect that the new Bachelor will be Luke Pell. Remember how he was sent home after declaring his love for JoJo? She wasn’t the only one crying. The fact that America adores him makes him genius casting for the role. Need more of a nudge to believe this theory? Six months ago, Luke posted a beautiful sunrise on Instagram:


Oh, please please please let it be Luke!

We aren’t the only one with high hopes. Twitter is blowing up with fans’ wishful thinking:

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America has spoken! Let’s hope producer Mike Fleiss listens to our tweets… and our beating hearts.

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