This survey showed what really happens at bachelor and bachelorette parties, and it’s a little scary

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are a tricky art. There are a lot of ideas out there about how it should go. But what really happens at bachelor and bachelorette parties?

On one hand, you want your soon-to-be-married loved ones to have an amazing night. On the other hand, planning group outings is always hard. No matter what you pick, it’s almost impossible to make everyone happy. Then there’s always the potential for the gray area of infidelity and the damage control that comes after. Add to that the pressure of high expectations, and it can lead to some pretty crazy nights.

This survey totally backs these ideas up, for better or for worse.

The website surveyed 1,000 married Americans about their bachelor and bachelorette parties. What they learned isn’t surprising, but is still pretty crazy. Honestly, it might give you pause if you’re at all uncomfortable about the idea.

One in nine people said they lied to their spouse about what happened at the party.

On top of that, only 25% of men and 35% of women think you can’t bend the rules of fidelity that night. Which to be clear, means 75% of men and 65% of women surveyed think you can!

Unsurprisingly, with those odds, only 20% of men and 31% want to know the details of what happened at their spouse’s parties.

“What happens in Vegas” is a saying for a reason.

For people who had Vegas parties, one in four men and one in five women engaged in some sort of sexual activity. 48% of men and 41% of women flirted, and 41% of men and 38% of women got lapdances. The craziest stat of all is that 17% of men and 9% of women reported having sex with someone who wasn’t their partner!

So although these are some pretty wild stats, it is important to take them with a grain of salt. This information was gathered from a survey of 1,000 people from an online gambling site. That suggests that it’s information from a small pool of people who might be predisposed to engaging in high-risk behavior. Still, it might make you think twice before attending your next one!