“Bachelor” alum Lesley Murphy shared pictures of her reconstructive surgery after a double mastectomy

After learning she inherited the BRCA2 gene mutation from her mother, Lesley Murphy decided to go through with a double mastectomy. The 29-year-old Bachelor alum had her mastectomy back in April, and more recently, Murphy underwent reconstructive surgery. She shared photos of the journey on Facebook, and we’re happy to report that she looks happy, healthy, and ready to move forward in life.

According to the CDC, mutations in BRCA genes make cells more likely to rapidly divide and change. This process increased the likelihood of breast or ovarian cancer.

Murphy’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago. After her diagnosis and successful treatment, Murphy and her sisters got tested for the gene mutation. Murphy tested positive and her gynecologist advised her to act on it before cancer developed.

On April 11th, Murphy had her procedure. It was painful and mentally challenging, but Murphy remained positive and thankful for the people she had in her life, including her Instagram followers.

“It looks like I was in a bear fight and lost. Badly,” Murphy shared with her followers. “The human body is truly amazing, though, and I will heal soon enough.”

And we watched Murphy heal and appreciated her candidness as she kept us updated through Instagram and her blog, The Road Les Traveled.

She had expanders put in as a precursor to her reconstructive surgery, and finally this week, Murphy received breast implants. The Bachelor alum thanked her plastic surgeon for ridding her of the “boulders” and giving her a sense of normalcy back.

Now, all Murphy has to do is rest, heal, and keep up her amazingly positive attitude!

We are seriously in awe of Murphy’s strength. A double mastectomy isn’t easy for any woman at any age, so being able to get through it before the age of 30 and have such an uplifting attitude is incredibly inspiring.

We’re wishing Murphy and her family health and happiness!

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