This baby trying bacon for the first time is ALL of us

No one forgets their first time. No, not that first time. Get your mind out of the gutter! We’re talking about something much more, um, epic. As in, your first time trying BACON. Yassss!!

Mom Melissa Beach and dad Tyler recently filmed baby Easton trying his first taste of our fave breakfast, lunch, and dinner food, and we’ve never had so much in common with an infant. The moment he started screaming “BACON,” he become our kindred spirit for eternity. Then he began shoveling it into his mouth with both hands, and we realized he’s not just our kindred spirit. He’s all of us.

It’s no wonder the vid has racked up over 6 million likes on Facebook since it was posted on December 25th. Bacon appreciation is pretty much universal. We love this video. We love it hard. It’s an epic, sweeping romance told in under a minute. It should probably win an Oscar for documentary film-making or something. Suggested film title: Bacon and Baby: A Love Story.

Check out the depth of Easton’s feelings for bacon in the video below:

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