This baby is endlessly surprised by water and we’re endlessly happy about it

Ahhh, bath time. So tranquil. So soothing. Well, usually. In an adorable video posted recently to YouTube, a super cute baby is busy taking a bath in what looks like a kitchen sink. (As babies do.) The faucet is running, which TBH seems like a pretty amaze idea. It’s like taking a shower and a bath at the same time. A total spa experience. (Only right next to the dishwashing liquid and all.)

The baby is clearly on board with the whole bath concept. But the faucet shower kind throws the baby for a loop. Every time the little tot bends over and gets doused with water, it’s a complete and total surprise. The baby’s reaction is ADORBS. There’s a lot of blinking. And chubby baby arm flailing. And an expression that so clearly says WHAT IS HAPPENING? WHY IS WATER POURING DOWN FROM THE SKY?

We feel you, baby. We feel you. No one enjoys getting hit in the face unexpectedly with a blast of water. But then baby bends over and it happens again. And again. And yet again. Poor thing is taken completely aback. Every. Single. Time. It would be sad if it weren’t so flippin’ hilarious.

We’re not laughing at you, baby. We’re laughing WITH you. OK, technically we’re laughing with your mom (or whoever the person is who’s cracking up in the background of the video). But we just can’t help it.

Sorry, baby. We’ll totally understand if you grow up to be a bath person. Justified.

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[Image and video via YouTube.]