This baby stole his mom’s phone while it was recording and it’s the cutest thing ever

We’ve already dedicated hours of our lives to watching babies doing cute stuff, but since there’s no cap on the amount of feel-good viewing we can take in, here’s a video of a baby recording himself on his mom’s phone while in the act of stealing it. In the brief the clip that was shared on Reddit, the adorable little phone thief gives new meaning to the concept of a baby learning to clean house. We’d definitely classify this giggly grab-and-run incident as one of those weird things babies do because, seriously kid, what’s so funny about stealing your mom’s stuff?

Before watching this video, we probably would’ve said nothing is funny about a baby snatching your phone because 1) excessive drool and electronics don’t mix and 2) accidental (or intentional) in-app purchases can get rather expensive. But this cuddly culprit gives us a baby’s eye view into what it feels like to snatch up a smartphone and film ourselves gleefully running away, only it’s way cuter and definitely doesn’t end with police sirens and handcuffs.

So, that was obviously a little dizzying, but the fact that this baby managed to keep his face in the frame while running has to be a sign of a selfie master in the making.