This baby sneezed the Snapchat beard filter onto his dad’s face and we can’t even handle the cuteness

So, we’ve come up with a new meaning for “lawl” that may or may not stick, but hey — let’s roll with it for now. Right now we are lawling (LOLing and awwing simultaneously) at this adorable baby who sneezed a Snapchat beard onto his dad’s face. Spotted at The Daily Dot, the brief clip shows the cute infant and dad enjoying some chill time and totally getting into this babies and Snapchat filter trend that never fails at turning us into huge piles of mush.

Anyway, baby’s sporting the famous Snapchat beard filter while dad’s rocking the au natural goatee and ‘stache. Before dad can even complete a sentence, the baby sneezes, inadvertently transferring the beard to dad, who immediately morphs into a potential contestant for the World Beard and Moustache Championships.

So. Stinkin’. Cute. We’d love to test this unintentional filter swap on our own (a fake sneeze would probably do the trick), but we’re pretty sure it’s only adorable when babies do it.

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