This baby sloth has a sloth teddy bear

It’s FRIDAY, everyone. The weekend is just within reach, which means you’re probably looking for one last little push to get you to the end of the workday. How about watching a tiny baby sloth, cuddle a giant fluffy sloth teddy bear?

Meet Edward the Sloth, who is the cutest 7-week-old sloth you’re going to come across today (and maybe ever). He lives at the London Zoo, where he’s looked after by all the zookeepers. As it’s explained, Edward’s mother couldn’t look after him, so his humans have pitched in to help make sure he grows up to be an amazing, strong sloth. They even purchased a teddy bear from the gift shop, and fit it with wires, to create a faux mother-sloth for Edward to hang off of.

As zookeeper Kelly-Ann Kelleher explains, with the teddy bear, Edward is able to “use all of the muscles that he would be using if he were on his mother . . . he’s able to climb all the way around and make himself comfy.”

Edward — who gets his name from Edward Scissorhands — also makes an adorable “sneeze, squeak” noise when he gets hungry. Also, sometimes he just doesn’t want to wake up. Kelleher mentions that if he refuses to get up, he’ll cover his eyes with his claws. I know, Edward. Mornings are rough.

If you’re ready to fall in love with Edward, check out the video below. We fell pretty hard.

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