This baby sleeping and eating spaghetti at the same time is adorable and also completely relatable

We may not have Oprah’s status, but we do have our very own selection of favorite things. Two of those favorite things are adorable babies (because duh) and food (because double duh), which both happen to be present in this cute video of a baby falling asleep while eating spaghetti.

Honestly, we can relate to this sleep-eating struggle on a deep level. Since being tired makes you more hungry, it’s often up to our exhausted bodies to ask us, Girl, you sure you want to eat all that? Meanwhile, our raging appetites and the scent of delicious food lingering beneath our noses insist that, yes, we must finish this meal like this determined tot, even if it means nodding off mid-chew and waking up again to swallow a bite of food.

Clearly, that is too much cuteness in one video. Baby girl made a complete mess of the spaghetti (aiming while sleepy is no easy feat), but we have to give her props for perfecting her multi-tasking skills at such a young age.