This baby’s reaction to his own fart is the cutest thing we’ll see all day #SorryNotSorry

There’s a lot going on in the world — Hillary Clinton has a Pinterest, Leslie Jones hung out with Olympians and achieved major #SquadGoals, and we’re getting closer to cheaper tampon access across the world. But this is the most important news story you’ll see today. Maybe this week. We’re not kidding (we’re kinda kidding, but still). It’s so crucial. This baby is going to change your life.

A two-month old baby, Mareto, from Japan was caught on video being surprised by his own fart.

Buzzfeed caught wind of this breaking news, translating the above tweet: “My son is surprised by the sound of his own fart.”

But it bears repeating because look at this little face!

COME ON… false

He’s all smiles…


…and then, it strikes.


He looks so confused, so betrayed, so overwhelmed. It’s okay, little man. It happens to the best of us. Keep on smiling.

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