Watch this baby girl see her parents clearly for the first time. Prepare to squeal forever.

OK, are you ready for your heart to melt into a puddle of pure joy and happiness? If you’re not, take a minute before you watch this video, because it will absolutely, 100% happen after you watch this beautiful video that Facebook user Jessica Sinclair posted of her gorgeous baby girl, Piper.

Jessica posted the video on June 6th, explaining, “Picked up her glasses. Went out to eat and put them on her. Her reaction. . . melts my heart.” The video has since been shared almost 130,000 times and viewed over 8 MILLION times — probably because the look on Piper’s face when she sees her parents clearly for the first time is the most precious thing in the entire world.

At first, Piper, donning a very apt onesie that says “Cutie,” is totally NOT into the idea of putting on glasses, so Jessica has to fight a little bit to get them on her. She’s like, “Mom, what are you doing to me. WHY.”

But as soon as they’re on, Piper immediately changes tune (pun intended, BTW). It’s so obvious that she was desperately in need of these glasses by the massive smile that spreads across her face as soon as she looks at her mom clearly for the first time.

“Can you see??” Jessica asks. “I think she can!” her daddy, Andrew, replies.

What a beautiful smile! And it gets even bigger the longer she looks at her momma. . .

And then she looks over at her daddy, and our hearts burst yet again.

Congratulations, baby Piper. Now, you get to truly see your lovely parents all the time. (And BTW, you’re totally ROCKING those glasses.) Watch the entire video right here and be prepared to totally squeal. (Images via Facebook) No baby has ever looked happier than this little guyThis video of a baby seeing her mother for the first time is EVERYTHING

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