OMG! This adorable baby rhino is super pumped about going for a walk

Although they can be extraordinarily cranky at times, babies tend to find excitement in the simplest things. Recently, YouTuber and adventure-seeker Jon Watson met a baby rhino that loves going for walks. In fact, this ridiculously adorable creature was so pumped to join its human pals and an adult rhino on a walk down a dirt path in South Africa that instead of casually strolling, it literally bounced every step of the way.

Needless to say, we cannot get enough of this sweet animal’s enthusiastic attitude. If this rhino ever joined Tinder, its profile would read, “I enjoy scampering through the wilderness and getting loads of belly rubs.”

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According to Watson’s YouTube video, taking a pair of rhinos for a walk isn’t something that’s typically done.

However, the staff at the animal care facility in South Africa’s Western Cape arranged for this special one-time adventure, something Watson seems to feel very lucky to have experienced.

Here’s Watson being super cautious with his super cute-yet-powerful rhino walking buddy.

Here’s proof that a morning stroll with two rhinos is as thrilling as it sounds.

OMG can we take this rhino home? Cutest animal selfie EVER.

Until you can cross walking with rhinos off your bucket list, here’s the video in full:

After kicking up dirt and playfully charging at its new (and slightly nervous) human friends, the baby rhino ended the walk with a bit of animal R&R that involved getting a full-body mud mask and using a tree to scratch some hard-to-reach parts before lying down for a nap.

Sounds like this rhino makes the perfect walking partner and spa day companion.