This baby rhino experiences snow for the first time, epitomizes happiness

In an Iowa zoo, an adorable baby rhino just discovered snow for the first time, and it’s definitely her new favorite thing.

Zookeepers at the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines tossed the freshly fallen snow into the rhino enclosure.

The little rhino, who has yet to be namedclearly loved it. At first, she simply stepped into the white powdery snow as she nosed through it. Later, after she gets comfortable, her cautious exploration turns into full-blown frolicking.

The baby is an eastern black rhino, a breed of rhinoceros listed by the World Wildlife Fund as critically endangered, meaning fewer than 1,000 exist both in zoos and the wild combined.

The still-nameless cutie came into the world on October 11th at a solid 80 pounds. She was one of seven eastern Black rhinos to be born in zoos in 2016.

We definitely plan to channel her positive energy as we head into the new year!