This baby’s adorable reaction to a magic trick is pure and perfect

Babies are adorable. From the tops of their baby powder-scented heads to the tips of their tiny little toes, babies are pretty much living, breathing bundles of cute. Case in point: the baby in a new video that’s been posted to YouTube of a precious baby reacting to a simple magic trick.

The clip shows a big brother making a wadded up piece of toilet paper “disappear.” (Translation: he throws it across the room too quickly for the baby to catch on.) The baby is into it. Big time, guys. Baby is truly amazed. This stunned reaction is more like something we’d expect if Criss Angel dropped into the living room and mindfreaked everyone.


We see some serious hero-worship in big brother’s future. It kind of makes us want to hang out with more babies. I mean, it can’t be bad for our self-esteem.

Check out the magical adorableness below: