This baby just went viral from the womb for punching himself in the face during an ultrasound

An unborn baby in Kansas is making his way around the Internet for doing something pretty unusual in his mom’s uterus. During an ultrasound, tiny EJ Watson punched himself in the face so hard that he knocked himself backward. His parents and the specialists administering the ultrasound were surprised, because 20-week old unborn babies don’t typically punch themselves in the face. At least, they’re not usually caught on camera punching themselves in the face.

The specialist said that in her 20 years of reading ultrasounds, she had never seen anything like it. So naturally, EJ’s parents were concerned their unborn baby had injured himself. But once they got confirmation that he was still perfectly healthy, they posted the ultrasound video online to show their friends and family.

And in typical Internet fashion, the video quickly went viral. “He’s already more accomplished than I am,” EJ’s dad told a news reporter.

EJ’s parents are speculating as to what that punch might actually mean for EJ. They’re big UFC fans, so they’re hoping he’ll be a boxer. If he does become a boxer when he’s older (you know, after he’s actually born), he would have quite the story to tell about how he got started in the sport.

To us, the punch actually looks like a kick, which technically probably makes EJ the world’s youngest kick boxer.