This baby pranked her dad when he tried clipping her nails —and she got him good

Usually it’s the parents who make their babies laugh, by playing peek-a-boo or tickling their tummies. But in this viral video, uploaded by Marcelinha Dos Santos Iwama from São Bernardo do Campo in São Paulo, Brazil, it’s the baby who is making HER parent laugh. And she’s a real pro at it!

The cute little girl, shown in the video above, lets out a squeal each time her father gets close to clipping her fingernails, then laughs her adorable little head off when she realizes she’s scared him the first time. This game continues, even though her dad is laughing when she fake-screams with subsequent attempts. So far, the video of this little jokester and her dad has almost 26,000,000 views and over 871,000 shares. It’s easy to see why the Internet loves these two so much —they’re adorable!

Her exact age is unknown, but we don’t expect kiddos to develop a sense of humor until they are toddlers, according to What To Expect. Kids start making their own jokes (meaning, understanding that laughter following illogical situations = funny) at around age 14-15 months, which this little lady looks like she could be. Are we witnessing the rise of the next great outsider comedian, a Brazilian Amy Schumer in diapers? Maybe!

This is one funny little girl who’s just around the corner from understanding that ten is scared of seven because seven eight nine, amiright?

Take a peek at all the cuteness right here: