A tiny, super-shy baby polar bear? Yes please

Today in adorable, we bring you a baby polar bear who is so shy and cute, we want to squish it, squeeze it, cuddle it, play with it and love it forever — because there is just no way to control our emotions when something this cute exists in the universe.

The baby was born on December 21, 2014 and made its debut at a zoo in Northern Japan on Tuesday. The gender of the cub hasn’t been released yet, but we know that the baby is about 29 inches long and weighs 33 pounds — presumably, said baby is growing by the minute though. Caretakers say that this cub (we don’t know the baby’s name yet either!) is very shy and doesn’t stray far from its mother, which isn’t entirely unusual for a 3-month-old polar bear cub — or a 3-month-old human, for that matter.

There is video of this little polar bear family and it’s so painfully sweet, we really can’t even stand it. Just look at the way the cub takes refuge behind its mama’s legs. Adorable sighs.

Also catch an up-close look at the that punim! Of course we have some photos to share too.

Can we keep him? Or her, as the case may be?

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