These baby pandas taking their first steps are everything you need on a Wednesday

Back in October, the Toronto Zoo welcomed two giant panda cubs to its zoo family. These baby pandas are a huge deal, not just because they’re so adorable or the species is endangered, but also because they’re the very first giant pandas to be born in Canada. Ever. *tosses maple leaf-shaped confetti*

The panda cubs are thriving in Toronto, as evidenced by a video the zoo just released of the adorable four-month-old babies taking their first steps. You guys, it’s next level cute. Our hearts are exploding into panda emojis.

Take a look:

This is everything we needed to cure our mid-week blues. Thank you, baby pandas.

If you’d like to help name these roly poly cuties (come on, you know you do), you can vote in a poll on the Toronto Zoo’s website. Just click here.