These baby otters just opened their eyes, ok?

I just can’t even with these baby otters. It’s too much. These two furry cuties were born on March 2 in the Hirakawa Zoo in Japan. And they just recently opened their tiny little eyes for the first time — just a day before they turned a month old.

The Asian, small-clawed otters are all you’ll ever need in the “awww” department; adorable quota filled. Seriously, just look at that yawn and those tiny teeth. The babies, both boys, only weighed 300 grams at birth, but have already mastered life. They know how to lounge in the sun, raise their paws in dramatic fashion, and get muddy. You know, the really, really important stuff.

Also this. That’s a human hand, and that’s how tiny they are:

They are much too young to make their official debut, but you can follow their progress on the Hirakawa official Twitter feed. If you need to know what these little guys sound like, and trust us, you absolutely do, check out this video of the brothers telling us all about about it.

Soooooo if you need us for the next forever, we’ll be monitoring these little guys’ lives.

Ok just one more picture:

Ok, bye.