Watch these baby orangutan besties eating fruit together in their hammock!

  • Nothing will be cuter than this today! Meet Budi and Jemmi, two baby orangutans who were rescued from horrible conditions by the wonderful humans at International Animal Rescue. Both orangutans were in need of TLC and together they have helped each other grow and flourish in their new healthy environment. Since they were both poached at a very young age, neither of them had ever met another orangutan until IAR put them together in their orangutan sanctuary. While under the care of vets, volunteers and babysitters they formed an strong bond last month and are now living together until they can be released back into the wild.
  • Watch as they enjoy a some fruit while relaxing in their very own hammock:

For more orangutan cuteness, check out Budi and Jemmi‘s first meeting:

*Budi still needs a little more help so if you feel compelled to donate you can sponsor this sweet baby HERE

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