15 baby names if your core essence identifies with autumn

Ah, fall. How do we love thee. The season of pumpkins, sweaters, falling leaves and pure coziness — it’s definitely our favorite time of year.

The season’s colors, weather patterns and popular outdoor activities also provide tons of baby name inspiration for parents-to-be! So if you’re searching for the perfect autumn-inspired baby name, allow us to offer a few of our favorite suggestions.

1. Autumn

Yes, we had to start with the most obvious — but it’s a gorgeous pick!

2. Ivy

It captures the outdoorsy spirit of the season (and you know it has Beyoncé’s stamp of approval, since her daughter’s name is Blue Ivy).

3. Juniper

Another nature-themed name, this beauty is perfect for parents who love the outdoors.

4. Garnet

Fit for a boy or girl, Garnet is the name of a dark red gemstone.

5. Ruby

Inspired by the colors of the changing leaves — and everyone’s girl crush, Ruby Rose.